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Back in 1999, when Cole WebMarketing first started designing and developing websites, the idea of using the "world wide web" to promote and grow a business was just beginning to take hold for the general public, many companies didn't have a website so we were spending most all of our time creating and building something BRAND NEW for our clients.

However, within a few years, most businesses now had a website, but they knew they needed something MUCH BETTER, and that's the time in our company history when we began REdesigning and REdeveloping websites - for both new and existing customers.

"Web Years" Are Like "Dog Years" - having a website that is 3-5 years old is pretty OLD and most often are either visually or technically outdated - usually both! A website that is a decade old should in most cases be considered ANCIENT.

There are some exceptions - for example hasn't changed much at all since it's inception but it's beauty is in it's super simplistic form and function. It works great and it's free (for buyers and sellers), so the world pretty much accepts it "as is".

For most all other websites it's a different game with different rules/expectations. Technology (features/functionality) and "standard industry practices" (for both website owners and users) are constantly and rapidly evolving, and business owners recognize the importance and value in keeping their website form and function fresh and modern. Successful businesses are either setting the standard in their industry or at least trying to keep up with it in regard to how their website looks and what it does.

Cole WebMarketing can help in two ways: Facelift or Overhaul

If your website is less than 5 years old, your business/industry hasn't changed much, and you are basically content/happy with your website other than it's outdated (old school) appearance, we can "spruce up" an existing website by giving it a "Facelift" to improve overall asthetic appeal, give it a more modern look and feel, as well as make minor revisions to text. Projects like this is usually done on a "bill by the hour" basis - for most this means investing a few to several hundred dollars.

If your site is older than 5 years and/or your business/industry has changed as lot, a Total Overhaul of an old site is usually warranted and is the best "bang for your buck". We'll create a completely fresh and NEW design & layout, add new features and well as significantly changing/updating the content (text and images). Projects like this is usually done on a "fixed quote" basis - for most this means investing a few to several thousand dollars. Extended monthly payment programs are available.

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