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In the early days of the internet, having a website was all a company usually had....and needed. By 2005, that was no longer true.

Especially since 2010, the importance of having much more than just a company website can't be overstated...and the value is growing each year.

Yes, the main website for a business should always be considered the central marketing core online, but there can be many others components added to enhance and improve the presence any company has on the Internet.

Outbound vs Inbound Marketing: In recent years, there has been an explosive growth in interest by business owners regarding Inbound Marketing.

The Modern Marketing FunnelThink sitting on a warm sunny day and fishing with some tasty bait vs hunting with a rifle...trekking all over through a dense dark forest in the cold rain searching for an elusive target.

Inbound marketing involves marketing activities that passively attract prospects and lure potential new customers to you, rather than you going out and trying to pique their interest.

Effective inbound marketing makes your company easy to be found, grabs the attention of future customers, and draws customers to your website by producing and posting interesting and valuable content in many key places on the internet.

Creating and maintaining/managing a Business Blog, Company Facebook Page, Company Linked In Page, Google Business Listing are just a few of the many inbound marketing opportunites that exist today to help any company use the internet more effectively to grow their business.

Cole WebMarketing can help you by offering a customized program to meet your specifc needs. Services offered range from a one-time business and industry analysis, followed by an in-depth consultation to provide insights and strategies to on-going program management.


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