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Many Years of Quality Website Services


Cole WebMarketing is a Charlotte, NC based Internet Marketing company. We provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Consulting and related website services to businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina & beyond.

The Science (and Art) of SEO

  • Ever Skeet Shoot off a Ship in Rough Seas? Talk about a moving target! When discussing websites, SEO is almost always included in the conversation. Why? Because most website owners want their website to generate sales and attract new customers and people that need stuff normally begin their search at Search Engines.

    Many people don't know this, but there are thousands of search engines available for us to use today! There are 800 or so "big" Search Engines and Online Directories, but only about 14 major ones. Of these, The BIG 3 - (Google, Yahoo! & MSN) should be your main concern. According to the research firm Nielsen/NetRatings Inc., in August 2007, Google handled 54% of all U.S. web searches, followed by Yahoo! at 20% and MSN at 13%.

  • Sometimes you can find similar results at The BIG 3, so they often compliment each other. There are several basic tactics involved that often work well to get your website ranked high at the major Search Engines. Good/Bad News: there can be only one company in the top spot. More Good/Bad News: the ranking often changes (unexpectedly).

  • A September 2007 search for search engine optimization at Yahoo! served up over 55 MILLION choices, most all of them are SEO firms trying to convince you that "they are the best at getting your website to the top". And the SEO game has gotten much tougher to play over the years: April 2007 = 40 million, April 2005 = 28 million, February 2004 = 2.8 million and January 2003 = only 629,000 results!

    Does it mean the SEO company ranked # 48 is not any good at Search Engine Optimizing? Certainly not. It just means that everyone is "skeet shooting off a ship in rough seas".
  • Sometimes you will see your website ranked at # 8 and an hour later # 1 - and nowhere to be found the next day. November of 2003: Google made a huge change in how the "rank" websites. The effects were so massive (and disastrous) for so many companies that enjoyed (and depended upon) high Google rankings that a popular term for that Fall 2003 Google overhaul became simply "the Florida Update" (think of a hurricane!).

  • Having just said all that; the FIRST STEP of "rising up" and "staying up" is by optimizing your website to make it "Search Engine Friendly". Goal of SEO: make your website easier to find on the internet when prospective new customers search for your products & services by trying to increase the number of listings and trying to improve your order of appearance or rank at the major search engines. An ongoing SEO program can be expensive because it involves continual time & effort to monitor your rankings and revise web pages to maintain maximum exposure and rank.

  • Search Engine Optimization, done right, is tedious and time consuming - that's why many companies outsource their SEO to Cole WebMarketing. Please call 704.456.9321 to discuss your particular industry, products/services and/or situation.

Promoting Your Website:

Website Promotion: there are are number of way to increase the quantity of traffic to your website. But it's not just about "hits". What you should want to focus on is increase the number of visitors to your site but also to IMPROVE the QUALITY of those visitors (prospects)

Buying Keywords on the Search Engines ~ PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Search Engine Marketing: You can "pay to play" to try to reach the top of the search engine results pages for your most important search phrases.

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