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Step 1 - Registering Your Domain Name:
If you are at the 1st Stage of an Internet Marketing Program and do not have a website at the current time, Cole WebMarketing can act on your behalf to register a domain name for your website for you.

What exactly is a domain name? It's simply an easy to remember alias for the Internet Protocol address for your site. An IP address consists of a group of numbers, separated by periods, such as (218.33.854.380) that computer use to "call" website files and "serve" them to your computer.

Domain Name Ownership:
One thing we want to make clear, if we register a domain name for your site and arrange the hosting for your website, we simply act as an agent on your behalf. The same as a stock broker buying stock for you in your name. This is very important because we found some companies in our industry retain ownership of the names they register AND even the websites they create.

Step 2 - Hosting Your Website:
In order for people to see your website, it must be set up on a website server computer system. Cole WebMarketing offers an excellent and very competitively priced website hosting package. Please see our Website Hosting section for complete details.

If you have looked around, you know that fees vary WIDELY for these initial services. Over the years our hosting package has proven to be very reliable and affordable for any business or individual.

Once your domain name is registered properly and the hosting service has been arranged, Cole WebMarketing will work with you on the next steps to create a professional online presence for your company to help bring back OLD customers, help you hold onto CURRENT customers and help you to attract NEW customers.

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