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Many Years of Quality Website Services


Cole WebMarketing has always been recognized as a "custom shop". We've always built websites from scratch - using a "blank canvas" if you will - to create a one-of-a-kind site completely tailored to the needs and desires of a specific client.

  • VERY Affordable - our Website Packages start at only $95 per month
    (includes website, domain name, website hosting, business email and more)
  • Custom Website Design - no templates, purchased 3rd party designs
  • Custom Site Navigation - left side, top, near the top, drop down "stair step" menus
  • Custom Backgrounds and Other Graphics
  • Professional Stock Photos, Photos provided by Client (and enhanced/modified by us), or Photos taken by Cole WebMarketing
  • Custom Layout - 1, 2 or 3 column, multiple row
  • Custom Footer/Bottom
  • ...and more!

The trend in the website development industry over the past several years has been moving towards generic "cookie cutter" type websites. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Due to the popularity of open source software programs such as Wordpress, many modern websites look much like a web log (blog) than the distinctly different websites of the past. Many websites today look bland and are missing the attractive "eye candy" that made custom designed websites really stand out their competition.

In the early days of the internet and websites, it was standard for a artistically trained and/or naturally gifted graphic designer - the traditional right side focused brain - to "design" the layout, look and feel of a website. The website was then "developed" by a technically trained and/or gifted HTML code writer (tech head/computer nerd) - the traditional left side focused brain.

This is still our approach today and it's a primary factor in our continuing growth and success.

However, Template Based Website Solutions are also offered by Cole WebMarketing as an option for those that are much more concerned with afford ability rather than visual appeal, artistic value, uniqueness, customization and control.

Included in all Cole WebMarketing Website Packages is the creation of up to two different custom designs/layouts. We refer to the first rough draft as Version 1A. Many times, based on client feedback, we'll then revise that "A" version to create Version 1B. Sometimes additional tweaking may be requested by the client or suggested by us to end up with a final Version 1C.

Less than 5% of the time do we just "miss the mark" on the first draft. This is most often due to some miscommunication on our part or lack of detailed initial input from the client. We will gladly start over, based on the new information, and create a Version 2A - at NO additional charge. If needed, we'll revise the 2nd Version a time or two...again at no extra cost.

It's never happened yet (since 1999), but if a Version 3 is required, there in this case would be an additional cost - time invested on our end would be tracked by the minute and billed by the hour.

Also note that once the final version is approved by the client, global (site-wide) changes to the design/layout AFTER the website has been built out and content integration into individual pages has begun will involve an additional "change order charge" (hourly billing). This has only happened a few times so it's a very rare occurrence.

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